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Executive Presence, Etiquette, Manners, Communication, Leadership Trainer and Coach, Gloria Starr

Gloria Starr, transformational coach and corporate trainer has been an indispensable resource in helping people dramatically increase their executive presence, image impact, knowledge of etiquette and manners, improve their business and social skills, maximize their communication skills and leadership excellence. Gloria Starr is fondly known as Lady Starr in diplomatic circles around the world.


Communication and NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) Master, CEO and Global Thought Leader, Gloria Starr is devoted to Building Bridges Between People, Customs, Cultures and Countries through etiquette, manners, executive presence, communication skills and leadership excellence.  She has worked with Members of the Royal Families in the Middle and Far East, Presidents of companies and countries, diplomats, dignitaries and senior level executives. Her business management career of thirty years spans the globe.

Through the wide scope of her accomplished career she has developed boldly innovative global approaches. She offers global training, coaching, mentoring and custom solutions to business leaders, entrepreneurs, consultants, speakers and trainers.

Her areas of expertise include leadership, personal branding, image impact, executive presence, business and social etiquette, manners, ambassadorship skills, media coaching and magnetic communication skills. Gloria Starr, professional speaker and global transformational consultant is available for executive coaching, staff development and training, to speak at your conventions, conferences and retreats.

Ms. Starr has delivered more than 2,350 inspirational, content-rich seminars and coaching to clients world-wide.  Her unique coaching and training style has influenced thousands of people to maximize their personal and professional power and presence through leadership, image, etiquette and communication excellence.

Gloria Starr is the author of twelve books including Dress to Impress Yourself and Others (for men), Dress to Impress Yourself and Others (for women), Masterful Communication Skills, Modern Day Manners, Wine Wisdom in the Modern Day World, Tea Etiquette in the Modern Day World and Middle Eastern Insights.

Trusted Advisor: I counsel influential men and women to refine their Leadership and Communication Skills, create high performance Teams and Master the International Business Etiquette codes in our Global World. This dramatically improves individual and organizational productivity, performance and profits.

As a Trusted Advisor, my clients have Private Access to me as their Partner in Success, an objective Advisor, Corporate Trainer and Executive Coach. The advice, candid discussions, and counsel leads to the rapid and dramatic improvement of their personal and business results.

I have worked with Presidents of Companies and Countries, Members of the Royal Families, Pentagon decision makers, CEOs and Senior VPs as their Trusted, Confidential Advisor.

Results Achieved With the Guidance of Gloria Starr, Global Trusted Advisor:
* Improved alignment of Executive Teams and Leaders to accelerate performance results.
* Effective transitional organizational change, communication and collaboration creating multifaceted excellence.
* Greater Respect as an Ambassador for Themselves, their Company and their Country.

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Middle East Cultural Training for Companies Sending Their People to the Gulf Region – Know Before You Go
Ms. Starr has been coaching and training clients in the GCC / Middle East / Saudi for more than a decade. Many North American companies select her to coach their people prior to work assignments in the Middle and Far East.

Chinese Cultural Training for Companies Sending Their People to China – Know Before You Go
Ms. Starr has been coaching and training clients in Asia and the Far East for more than a decade. Many North American companies select her to coach their people prior to work assignments in Asia and the Middle East.

Royal Persuasion
Ms. Starr is Private Counsel to Members of the Royal Families in the Middle and Far East and dignitaries and executives around the world. Her coaching and training sessions have taken her to Taiwan, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Qatar, Bahrain, Europe, Singapore, Italy, South America, the UK, Mexico, United States and Canada.

Dubai World Cup

Etiquette, manners and savvy social skills with global advisor Gloria Starr, the etiquette and manners coach for the Dubai World Cup.

The Global Finishing School for a Modern Age
The United States of America recognized Ms. Gloria Starr as a person of extraordinary talent and ability and ranked in the top 5% of consultants world-wide. Ms. Starr is the preferred training partner for the United States Pentagon for her Executive Finishing School. One on one coaching and small group events are held in major cities throughout the world. Click here for details.

The Starr Elite Finishing School for Ladies  – Dubai
In the tradition of the original Swiss Finishing School for ladies, international impression management, etiquette, manners and communication expert, Lady Gloria Starr offers you the opportunity to acquire the polish, poise, social graces and professional presence of an elegant, beautiful, timeless lady.

Attendance at the prominent Starr Elite Finishing School in the Middle East is an essential step in a ladies social, business and life education. Ms. Gloria Starr provides an elegant, multicultural and unique environment to excel in this exclusive Lifestyle Enrichment experience.

The Starr Elite Finishing School is designed as simply the best training for presenting yourself at your personal and professional best. Discover and learn everything you always wanted to know about personal presentation skills, manners, etiquette, meet and greet skills, lifestyle management, design and how to increase your personal and professional magnetism! click here for details and registration.

The Executive Finishing School is one on one coaching and training for senior executives. Click here for details.

Image, Etiquette, Communication Resources
If you are unable to attend Ms. Gloria Starr’s training programs in person, you may wish to invest in a selection of her books, Webinars, MP3s and DVDs Click here

Her signature programs the Executive Finishing School, the Modern Day Finishing School and the Professional Athletes Finishing School have been a huge success with people around the world. Her comprehensive consulting, coaching and seminar services are offered world-wide and we welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can add value to you and your business. 

Middle and Far East Executive Presence, Image, Etiquette, Communications Coach and Corporate Trainer With 30 + years of international experience as a global trainer and executive coach, Gloria Starr is the first choice for clients in the Mena / Gulf Region and Far East. She has worked with clients in Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Bangkok, Cairo, Damascus, Doha, Dubai, Gaza, Hanoi, Hong Kong, Israel, Istanbul, Jakarta, Jeddah, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Oman, Qatar, Riyadh, Saudi, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Taipei, Tokyo, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.  Click here for additional information.

Gloria Starr is the global executive presence, image, etiquette, communication and leadership coach of choice for Aramco, Disney, Emirate Airways, Emirate Technical Associates, Florida Power & Light, Google, Hensel Phelps, Hunt Oil, Hunt Refinery, Levi Strauss, L3com, Oracle, Rinker, Seagate Technology, PHI Helicopter, Qatar Airways, United Gulf Steel, United States Army, United States Pentagon and Royalty in the Middle and Far East.

Global Corporate Training and Executive Coaching – Ms. Starr has worked in 60 + countries and with more than 130 nationalities. Gloria Starr International is strategically located to serve clients world-wide.    

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Gloria Starr serving clients globally in Africa, Australia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Canada, China, Dubai, Egypt, Europe, France, India, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Malaysia, the Middle East, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South America, Thailand, UK, United States since 1983.
Clients in Abuja, Alexandria, Atlanta, Beijing, Boca Raton, Birmingham, Cairo, Cape Town, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Doha, Edmonton, Ft. Lauderdale, Ft. Worth, Greensville, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Honolulu, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Johannesburg, Karachi, Lagos, Lahore,  Los Angeles, Los Vegas, Miami, Melbourne, Mumbai, Newport Beach, New York, Oakland, Orlando, Osaka, Palm Beach, Phoenix, Portland,  Rio, Riyadh, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, Scottsdale, Shanghai, Sri Lanka, Sydney, Toronto, UAE, Vancouver, Virginia Beach, Wilmington

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