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Ambassador Skills by Global Coach, Trainer and Advisor, Gloria Starr

Ambassador Skills: Charisma, Chemistry and Confidence are the Characteristics shared by Winners in all walks of life. These people have the astounding ability to forge instant bonds with anyone, anywhere and anytime. Learn to establish instant rapport and increase your personal and professional sphere of influence. Discover the secrets to greater success by understanding and mastering the Ambassador Skill Set.

The ability to create rapport with people is an essential skill in sales, management, personal relationships, and everyday life. The goal of Gloria Starr Success Strategies is to assist you in creating enhanced credibility with the knowledge to create stronger business and personal relationships.

In the twenty-first century, those who have personal magnetism will profit professionally. Enhance your personal and professional magnetism by investing in yourself.  Learn to use the vocabulary of success as you discover the four basic business personalities. 

The four main personality styles are: Dominant, Influencing, Steady and Cautious. Each of these styles have very unique and predictable patterns of observable behavior. The Ambassador Skills profiling is designed to give you insight into your personality and behavior style and then the knowledge to easily identify the style of everyone you interact with. Once you understand these distinct behavioral styles you will be able to establish rapport immediately. You will unlock your ability to get along with almost everyone! Imagine increasing your sphere of influence and mastering the skills of an Ambassador.

Completing the Ambassador Skills questionnaire takes approximately seven to ten minutes. Upon completion you will receive your in-depth Ambassador Skills Profiling Report. This invaluable tool for success will enrich your life, enhance your confidence level and increase your sphere of influence.

The DISC Personality Ambassador Skills Profiling online assessment is a resource for individuals and organizations –  public and private, large and small, desiring to improve performance, increase productivity, influence, communication skills and create more productive relationships. Influence = Positive, Productive Relationships.

DISC AssessmentThe DISC Profiling Assessment teaches you powerful life skills that will serve you well in all your relationships: business, social and family. The ability to establish rapport with people is a fundamental skill in sales, management, personal relationships and everyday life. 

The DISC Profiling reports are prescriptive and descriptive. You will learn how to improve your own interpersonal interactions as you discover your natural DISC behavioral style and learn how to identify the behavioral styles of others. This is a  fast, effective learning strategy that gives you immediate insight in to others and is a powerful tool of influence and leadership.

Enhance your people skills, learn how to read a person like a book, master your persuasion skills and become an Ambassador for yourself and your company with these powerful strategies for personal and professional success.

The DISC Assessment Profile is often used in companies for coaching, change management, the hiring process, benchmarking and comparison, conflict resolution, leadership training programs, enhanced management skills, mentoring, team building and sales training.

The DISC People / Personality Profiling Assessment is available online. Upon receipt of your payment, Gloria Starr will send you your personal access code by email. The assessment tool is designed to enhance your people skills, teach you how to make a positive and lasting impression and add to your bottom line. Invest in yourself and maximize your personal and professional DISC Ambassador Skills today! $200. per DiSC Profile.

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