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Development is important in every position within the organization, especially at the executive level.  Our global economy has created an increasingly demanding, ever-shifting and faster paced world in which knowledge is central.  

The key to the success of a company is a combination of cutting edge products and great people. Our goal is to assist companies develop top performers, reduce turnover, increase sales and profits and provide solutions. Executive coaching is a strategic, focused and individualized approach to your professional development.  

Masterful coaches inspire people by helping them recognize the previously unseen possibilities that lay embedded in their existing circumstances. 

With locations in the United States, Dubai and Canada,  Gloria Starr International is strategically located to serve clients worldwide. Our comprehensive executive coaching and consulting services are offered in person, online, or via telephone. We welcome the opportunity to discuss how we can add value to you and your business.

Today’s executive requires a strong skill set in the following areas:  
Leadership, Interpersonal Skills, Empowerment, Motivation-self and others, Communication Skills,  Strategic Management, Adaptability, Self-Management, Impression Management, Presentation Skills, Dealing with Change, Diversity, Coping with Stress and Time Management.

Companies are seeking to sharpen the leadership skills of high potential individuals using assessment tools and coaching. The purpose of coaching is to provide a sounding board to work through key issues and provide solutions. Executive coaching is usually a combination of change-oriented behaviors and skills and growth-oriented performance improvement. Coaching is an intense leadership course for talented people.

Coaching is designed to:
Trigger Breakthrough Thinking

Build Shared Understanding
Recognize and Eliminate Limiting Belief Systems
Obtain the Desired Outcomes
Create Added Value

Coaching action plans include: 

needs analysis
action plan
clarifying needs and values
project completion
benefits and the consequences

role playing activities
project completion

Leadership Competencies Include: Team Building, Boldness, Performance, Perceiving, Fortitude, Self Renewal, Integrity, Enthusiasm, Serving Others, Inspiring and Collaboration.

A survey of 100 executives, mostly from Fortune 1000 companies concluded that a company’s investment in providing coaching for the executives realized an average return on investment of almost six times the cost of coaching. Invest in your team today.

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Gloria Starr International Company Policy: 
50% deposit to secure the training dates and the balance of the Training/Coaching investment due 10 business days prior to day one of our contracts. No refunds however, the date of training/event may be changed if agreeable to both parties. All purchases are in US dollars.