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Lady Gloria Starr Success Strategies Mentoring Opportunity

The Starr Success Strategies mentoring and coaching program is one month of access to me by phone, Skype and email. My role as your mentor is to assist you in your personal and professional development. My areas of expertise include professional speaking, executive presence, image, etiquette and communication skills, media coaching and leadership.
I also excel at speaker and training agreements, internet marketing, web site positioning, international speaking contracts and personal branding.

We begin with your objectives, your goals and current competency skill set.  We then establish the goals to position you for greater success. Some people contact me daily, some weekly, some monthly. The frequency of contact is up to you and phone calls are returned promptly. Admission is limited.

The Mentoring investment is $1950. for one month of mentoring. The full investment is required to begin the mentoring program or claim a space on the waiting list. The Starr Success Mentoring Program is designed to maximize your potential, empower you  and position you for even greater success!

You may know Gloria Starr as a leading authority on executive presence, etiquette, manners and communication skills. However, you may not know, she is an in-demand coach for executives.  Her roll-up-your-sleeves, let’s-not-waste-any-time, practical techniques create immediate results and improvement for her clients. Benefit from her 25 plus years experience. Those who aspire to be the best, hire Lady Gloria Starr.

To claim your position for the Starr Success Strategies Mentoring Program, please click here to invest and reserve your position in the Mentoring program. Ms. Starr will contact you soon after receiving your details and we will set up our first call. Payment can be made directly to my US Bank account or by PayPal to begin this exciting journey!

Words of Praise
“Gloria is a motivator with an eye that sees business opportunities that need to mesh together to increase your visibility in the corporate world. She helped me shed some unproductive approaches to sell my products and grow my business through brand extensions. She polished up the look of my web site, which attracted the attention of sponsors that will benefit from helping my viewers get the solutions to the issues discussed during the show. Gloria teaches you people skills, corporate perceptions, business diplomacy strategies, and a multitude of graceful skills. My need was specific to growing my show’s exposure and her marketing skills and common sensible business knowledge made the difference.” Rose Lee Archer – Producer and Host of the Rose Lee Archer Show.

“Thank you Gloria. Your advice made the difference. I positioned myself and my business for the global marketplace right from the beginning. The right look in marketing materials, media exposure and great web site attracted clients who were looking for the expert.” Mary Weisman – Protocol London

“Ms. Starr’s solution to our staff development needs was nothing short of exceptional. Her recommendations, based on the DiSC assessment tool helped me to better understand my staff and maximize their strengths.   It helped me to realize that everyone needs to be addressed and coached in different ways when discussing matters of concern and performance improvement. If you think you know your staff strengths and areas of challenge, I suggest you make the investment like we did. It may surprise
you! Thank you very much Ms. Starr.”  Bob Blanchette – Manager, HPD, Indiana

” Gloria, I am extremely grateful for the significant contributions you have made to my success. Your coaching on how to position my business for growth on the internet has been priceless. Additionally, your to-the-point approach combined with your friendly manner made working with you a great pleasure. I hope that many others have the privilege of gaining your insights.” – Jorge J. Sarria, President & Founder, Optimal Performance Solutions, LLC

Mentoring Members from Singapore, Hong Kong, USA, Spain, Korea, China, the Middle and Far East, South Africa and Canada have benefited from Ms. Starr’s insights and coaching. Perhaps this program is a good choice for you as well.

To claim your position for the Starr Success Strategies Mentoring Program, please click here to invest and reserve your position in the Mentoring program. Ms. Starr will contact you soon after receiving your details and we will set up our first call to invest and begin this exciting journey you may make your payment by direct USA bank account or by PayPal.

Gloria Starr serving clients globally in Africa, Australia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Canada, China, Dubai, Egypt, Europe, France, India, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Malaysia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South America, Thailand, UK, United States since 1983.
Clients in Abuja, Alexandria, Atlanta, Beijing, Boca Raton, Birmingham, Cairo, Cape Town, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Doha, Edmonton, Ft. Lauderdale, Ft. Worth, Greensville, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Honolulu, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Johannesburg, Lagos, Los Angeles, Los Vegas, Miami, Melbourne, Mumbai, Newport Beach, New York, Oakland, Orlando, Osaka, Palm Beach, Phoenix, Portland,  Rio, Riyadh, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, Scottsdale, Shanghai, Sri Lanka, Sydney, Toronto, UAE, Vancouver, Virginia Beach, Wilmington