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Valuable Training and Coaching Resources

Assessment Tools for Personal and Professional Development
Online Assessments – Insights, Strategies and Benefits Assessments are the first step towards personal and professional awareness of how we assess and interact with others. Assessments give us the opportunity to gain new insights about ourselves and others, ensuring stronger, more productive relationships.

Business professionals leverage online assessments to make leadership decisions in selling, hiring, managing and promoting.
These powerful online assessments include support materials and action plans to implement new skills, strategies, and behavior. Executives, employees and entrepreneurs benefit from new attitudes and behaviors through these communication insights.
Register and take the assessment to receive your comprehensive report immediately by email.

DISC style™ Online Report
People prefer to interact with people they know, like and trust. The ability to create rapport with people is a powerful skill in sales, management, business and personal relationships. Learn to create personal chemistry and productive relationships. DISC Styles.  You will learn to read a person like a book, understand what motivates them and discover the strategies for effectively dealing with them. DISC Styles teaches you powerful life skills that will serve you well in all your relationships: business, social and family as you become an Ambassador for yourself, your company and your country.

The Complete Report includes: General Characteristics, Relating to People and the Environment, Strategies for Creating a Positive Relationship, Strategies for Managing, Approach to Managing Others, Approach to Selling and Strategies for Sales Management $200. 
*Ms. Gloria Starr will prepare an invoice and you can make your payment to her Direct US Bank Account or PayPal*

Sample Report

Sample Report

The DISC styles Leadership Online Assessment is a resource for individuals and organizations desiring to improve leadership performance, increase productivity and to positively persuade other people. Unlike many other behavioral assessments, our 43-page reports are as much prescriptive as they are descriptive! In other words, we spend as much time teaching you how to improve your own productivity and interpersonal interactions as we do describing your natural DISC behavioral style. We realize that you are about to invest money and time in our online assessment, so we want you to come away with fast, effective learning strategies that get you results immediately. The DISC styles Leadership Report has two parts.

PART I – UNDERSTANDING YOURSELF includes your DISC Graphs, Your Behavioral Style Overview, Strengths and Struggles, Management Strategies, What Motivates Your Style, Work Preferences for Your Style, Communication Tips for Others and a Summary of Your Style  

 PART II – APPLICATION OF DISC STYLES  includes Application, Application, Application, the Four Basic DISC styles Overview Chart, How To Identify Another Person’s Behavioral Style, What is Behavioral Adaptability, How to Modify Your Directness and Openness, Tension Among the Styles, Building/Maintaining Rapport Throughout the Leadership Process, Individual Sections Covering: Developing Your People; Adapting Your Communication Style; Helping People Reach Decisions; Motivating, Complimenting, Counseling, Correcting, Delegating to, and Acknowledging Your People; and Adapting Your Leadership Style 

The DISC styles Assessment is valuable for individuals and all types of organizations; public or private; large or small. This proven, scientific measurement tool will assist you in specific areas that directly impact productivity by Improving Executive Team Performance, Developing Leaders, Making Smarter Hiring Decisions, Increasing Employee Retention, Leading People More Effectively Through Improved Communication and Increasing Profitability.

DISCstyles Leadership teaches you powerful skills that will help you become an effective leader. more>>>


The DISC Styles™ Sales Report
Nearly every sales interaction with each prospect can be a success… if you know how to adapt to different buying styles. If you are interested in improving your sales results-immediately-I recommend taking the DISC Sales online assessment and discover  the proven techniques described in this report. more>>>


Sample Report

Sample Report

The DISC Styles 360 Report
 The ability to create rapport with people is a fundamental skill in business, sales, management and personal relationships. The goal of the DISC 360 is to help you create personal chemistry and productive relationships. When you understand what motivates and drives people, you will recognize your options for effectively dealing with them. more>>>


The On-Line Values Assessment
The Values Index will help you understand your motivators and drivers and how to maximize your performance by achieving better alignment and passion in what you do. The Online Values Assessment is a combination of the research of Dr. Eduard Spranger and Gordon Allport into what drives and motivates an individual. The seven dimensions of values discovered between these two researchers help understand the reasons that drive an individual to utilize their talents in the unique way they do. more>>>

Sample Report

Sample Report

The Social Styles 360 Assessment
Have you ever wondered why you hit it off with some people immediately, while with others it’s like oil and water? That’s because there are four primary behavioral styles, each with a very distinct and predictable pattern of observable behavior. Once you understand these patterns, you have the key to unlock your ability to get along with nearly anyone. more>>>




The Negotiating Styles Profile  (NSI)
Like communication or listening skills, negotiating skills are not a special skill to be produced on rare occasions where the circumstances are appropriate. We use negotiation skills almost every day of our lives, and in many different ways. more>>>




The Communication Effectiveness Profile (COMEP)
Most of us take the art of Communication for granted. And why shouldn’t we? After all, we take part in dozens of conversations each and every day. It ought to be something we’re relatively good at! The truth is that most of us are not as good at two-way communication as we think we are. more>>>

Sample Report




The DISC Personality Profiling online assessment is a resource for individuals and organizations –  public and private, large and small, desiring to improve performance, increase productivity, influence, communication skills and create more productive relationships. Influence = Positive, Productive Relationships.

DISC AssessmentThe DISC Profiling Assessment teaches you powerful life skills that will serve you well in all your relationships: business, social and family. The ability to establish rapport with people is a fundamental skill in sales, management, personal relationships and everyday life. 

The DISC Profiling reports are prescriptive and descriptive. You will learn how to improve your own interpersonal interactions as you discover your natural DISC behavioral style and learn how to identify the behavioral styles of others. This is a  fast, effective learning strategy that gives you immediate insight in to others and is a powerful tool of influence and leadership.

Enhance your people skills, learn how to read a person like a book, master your persuasion skills and become an Ambassador for yourself and your company with these powerful strategies for personal and professional success.

The DISC Assessment Profile is often used in companies for coaching, change management, the hiring process, benchmarking and comparison, conflict resolution, leadership training programs, enhanced management skills, mentoring, team building and sales training.

The DISC People / Personality Profiling Assessment is available online. Upon receipt of your payment, Gloria Starr will send you your personal access code by email. The assessment tool is designed to enhance your people skills, teach you how to make a positive and lasting impression and add to your bottom line. Invest in yourself and maximize your personal and professional DISC Ambassador Skills today!

The Complete Report includes: General Characteristics, Relating to People and the Environment, Strategies for Creating a Positive Relationship, Strategies for Managing, Approach to Managing Others, Approach to Selling and Strategies for Sales Management $200. Click here to make your purchase **Added Value: an additional 9 pages of How to read a Person Like a Book using DISC – The Universal Language.**

The DISC questionnaire and completed report is available in English, Spanish, French, Chinese, UK English, Korean, Malaysian, Indonesian and Turkish.
Finnish, Dutch and Portuguese will be available soon. 

Additional Coaching Assessment Tools and Resources
The Platinum Rule – 360 Report

Imagine having the ability to process the collective perceptions of how others see you. The way we perceive ourselves and the way others perceive us are often very different. People often misinterpret when behavioral styles differ. The “Platinum Rule” and “Social Styles” assessments – a  360° Reports, that pull the collective “perception data” from dozens (even hundreds) of a user’s colleagues or employees. These reports provide that user the opportunity for an informed “self audit” so they can improve relationships and eliminate workplace inefficiencies.

Your new skill adaptive communications will help you become a charismatic, effective leader that others want to follow, a top-producing sales professional and improve all your personal and professional relationships.

There are four primary behavioral styles – Directors, Thinkers, Relaters and Socializers – each with a very distinct and predictable pattern of observable behavior. The observable behaviors are across two dimensions – Openness (open versus guarded) and Directness (direct versus indirect.) Once you understand these patterns, you have the key to unlock your ability to get along with nearly anyone.

Completing the Platinum Rule online assessment only takes 3 to 5 minutes. Upon completion you will receive your in-depth Platinum Rule Report describing your behavioral tendencies and interactions with others at work and in social settings. 

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