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The Starr Elite Finishing School and Lifestyle Enrichment for Ladies

In the tradition of the original Swiss Finishing School for ladies, international presence, etiquette, manners and communication expert, Lady Gloria Starr offers you the opportunity to acquire the polish, poise, social graces and professional presence of an elegant, beautiful, timeless lady.

Attendance at the prominent Starr Elite Finishing School is an essential step in a ladies social, business and life education. Ms. Gloria Starr provides an elegant, multicultural and unique environment to excel in this exclusive Lifestyle Enrichment experience.

The Starr Elite Finishing School is designed as simply the best training for presenting yourself at your personal and professional best as a Lady. Discover and learn everything you always wanted to know about elegance, grace, personal presentation skills, manners, etiquette, meet and greet skills, lifestyle management, design and decor and how to increase your personal magnetism!

Through the wide scope of her accomplished career she has developed boldly innovative global approaches. She offers coaching, mentoring and custom solutions to men and women, business leaders, entrepreneurs, speakers and trainers.

Due to increased global travel, business expansions and increased interest in Western education, China and the Middle East’s upper classes are attending etiquette training programs to expand their lifestyle and global repertoire. The wealthy are investing in etiquette and manners classes by global expert Gloria Starr.

For decades the rich Middle and Far East focused on buying luxury brands as status symbols. The focus has now shifted to global manners, etiquette and communication skills.

China is in second place as a country when it comes to the most millionaires in the world. The millionaire households have risen from 2.5 million in 2012 to 3.4 million in 2017.

The Starr Elite Finishing School taught by Gloria Starr offers training classes of five and ten days in duration. The attendees learn image, style, business and social graces. etiquette, how to host dinner parties, meet and greet skills, how to shake hands, introductions, table etiquette, hotel and restaurant manners.

Ms. Gloria Starr is offering the Starr Elite Finishing School for Ladies in several formats and duration. The Lifestyle Enrichment content includes: charisma and confidence, communication essentials, how to create your signature look, dining etiquette, elegance, grace and charm, floral design, entertaining with style, lifestyle management, polish, poise and presence, personal and business finesse, social graces and strategies for success.

Five Day Lifestyle Enrichment Investment $9500. and includes all training manuals, image and style tips, etiquette, manners and communication skills, DVDs, MP3s and a Certificate of Attendance. 

Ten Day Lifestyle Enrichment Investment $18000. and includes all training materials, meals, etiquette DVDs, MP3s, webinars and a Certificate of Attendance.

The Starr Elite Finishing School for Ladies – Presenting You at Your Personal and Professional Best
First impressions are lasting impressions, the key components of a winning image, elegance, poise, polish, posturing and positioning, the new dress for success guidelines, the psychological effect of colors, wardrobe basics and beyond, personal style, professional style, accessories that spell success, the art of investment shopping, dressing for your body type and lifestyle, elegance, grace and charm, selecting your signature fragrances, business attire and business casual guidelines.

Personal Marketing and Positioning in Society
Personal Packaging, Positioning, Presentation, Promotion

Clothing Selection: The Right Statement Every Time
Corporate, communicator and creative career profiles, business casual, social, shopping and party attire, appropriate office attire, attention to detail, authority dressing guidelines and the ten most fatal business and social faux pas.

Five Rules of Personal Marketing
Exude confidence, create a powerful aura, the art and science of impression management, powerful introductions and  create a verbal business introduction card.

Manners Really Do Matter
Meet, greet and mingle, dining etiquette – the basics and beyond, tutorial dining lessons, formal dining mastery, entertaining with style and grace, tea and coffee etiquette, letter writing and thank you notes, cocktail parties and other social and business functions.

Entertaining with Style and Class
Hostess duties, menu planning, invitations, party decor, party etiquette, tablecloths, napkins, candelabra, accessories, china and service utensils, beverage and cocktail / mocktail etiquette and stemware, being an exceptional guest, gift selection and gifting, thank you and appreciation notes.

Personal and Corporate Finesse

Ambassador Skills and Communication Essentials
What your body language really says about you, personal and professional introductions, personal presentation skills, conversation mastery, the art of instant rapport, email and cell phone etiquette.

Preparing and Packing for Trips

Lifestyle Management for the Elite

Selecting and managing household staff, service excellence for the staff of the elite, hosting excellence, setting up a household, pantry and kitchen selections and laundry care of delicate garments.

The Art of Floral Design and Photography Tips to Shine
Ms. Gloria Starr is a master floral designer and an accomplished photographer. She will share with you the strategies of floral design and flattering photos techniques for you and your loved ones.

International Etiquette, Diplomacy and Protocol

Understanding and accepting cultural differences, traditions, religion, food and values.

The Starr Elite Finishing School is highly interactive and includes: personalized coaching, image evaluation and enhancements, communication and the art of instant rapport, your personal and professional key strategies for success,  training manuals and networking skills.

Registration Details:

Five Day Lifestyle Enrichment
Investment $9500. and includes e-books, etiquette DVDs, MP3s, webinars and a Certificate of Attendance. 50% deposit to secure your position in the program. Balance due 20 days prior to the event. 

Ten Day Lifestyle Enrichment 

Investment $18000. and includes all training material, training manuals, etiquette DVDs, MP3s, webinars and a Certificate of Attendance.

50% deposit to reserve your position in the program. The balance due is 20 days prior to your selected dates. Payment can be made by direct to Ms. Gloria Starr’s US bank account.

I look forward to teaching you the strategies of success.

Gloria Starr serving clients globally in Africa, Australia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Canada, China, Dubai, Egypt, Europe, France, India, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Malaysia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South America, Thailand, UK, United States since 1983.
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