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Become a Certified Executive Presence, Image – Style and Business Etiquette – Manners Consultant
with Lady Gloria Starr’s Proven Methodology 
**Lady Gloria Starr Sets the Global Certification Standard **

Turn Your Passions into Profits – I teach what others do not teach. I teach you how to make money and gain financial security in this exciting, in-demand and lucrative industry. Learn to make a positive difference and a fortune sharing your advice. I built a vibrant, global business and I will share these strategies with you!

Learn the Real Secrets to creating wealth with Gloria Starr the Global Executive Presence, Image, Etiquette, Communication and Leadership Coach with 30+ years of experience.
In-Person Training Locations: Dubai, Palm Beach, FL, Scottsdate, AZ, Toronto and Vancouver
or Virtual Training

Start Your Own Business Your success begins with the guidance and knowledge from Ms. Starr. She knows how to build a consulting / coaching business. What would you change if your annual income became your monthly income? What enhancements would you make in your life? Are you totally committed to success? 

Benefits: income tax benefits as a self-employed individual, you can expense out a portion of your home as a home based office, a portion of your car, business attire, phone, insurance and of course, the training investment. Plus, assisting others to become their personal and professional best self is very rewarding financially and emotionally. 

Your potential is unlimited. The International Executive Presence, Image and Etiquette Certification Training is designed to meet the needs of your future clients and to position you for success. In India alone, more than half of India’s three million graduates take etiquette, manners, and grooming classes making it a growing industry of more than $75 million a year business! 

It is with great pleasure that I offer these training program options to a select few individuals each year. Can you make a good living as a personal and corporate Image/Style and Etiquette/Manners Advisor?  The answer is YES.  Everyone can benefit by improving their image, their personal style, mastering the art of business etiquette and dining skills with grace and elegance. Corporations, not-for-profit, educational institutions and individuals are willing to invest to learn the skills necessary to be competitive in today’s global marketplace.

Recent studies have shown that businesses in North America are investing 650 billion dollars per year on educational programs. This figure is expected to double within the next five years.

Due to increased global travel, business expansions and increased interest in Western education, China’s middle and upper classes are attending etiquette training programs to expand their lifestyle and global repertoire. Wealthy Chinese are investing in etiquette and manners classes by global expert, Gloria Starr. For decades China’s rich focused on buying luxury brands as status symbols. The focus has now shifted to global manners, etiquette and communication skills. With this rapid and dramatic change, now is the time to position yourself for success in the personal and professional development field.

The Gloria Starr International Certification Training program will give you the knowledge, training and information that you can use immediately to make a significant improvement in both your personal and business life. Graduates of our Certification Training programs are from Canada, Bahrain, Dubai, Korea, Hong Kong, Italy, Moscow, Nigeria, Singapore, South Africa, South America, Spain, Saudi Arabia, United States, the UK, the Netherlands and major cities throughout North America. We offer a global perspective in this industry. 

ADDED VALUE Training Materials above and beyond your expectations 
MP3s, DVDs, books / training manuals authored by Ms. Gloria Starr, Power Point presentations, actual contracts written by Ms. Starr and accepted by her international clients. Each of the five day International Certification Training include four weeks of Mentoring.

Discover Your Passion and Live Your Dreams, Make a Positive Difference and a Fortune by Sharing Your Knowledge

Why Should YOU Become a Certified Executive Presence, Image and Etiquette Consultant and Coach?
As the Global Master Certified Image and Etiquette Coach with 30 plus years in this exciting and lucrative business, I have traveled all over the world working with clients, dignitaries and Royalty. I started my business when I was living in a small town in Canada and built my business in to a world class, global empire. I enjoy teaching and training others to become Certified Executive Presence, Image, Etiquette and Communication consultants.

Here are 10 plus great reasons why you should become an executive presence, image, etiquette and communication consultant:

You Can Earn A Great Income As an executive presence, image, etiquette and communication consultant. You have the opportunity to earn as much as you want to earn. Some consultants charge their clients $200 – $350 an hour, some charge $500 an hour and more. Some work part time, others make it their full-time career and earn high six-figure incomes.

You Can Help People To Succeed And Live Better Lives A person’s image, manners and communication skills make the difference between mega success and average in their personal, social and business life. As a Certified Image and Etiquette consultant, you can positively make a difference in their lives. In addition to the knowledge and skills your clients acquire when you coach them, they will experience a leap in their confidence and self esteem.

You Will Earn Respect as an Accomplished Professional Knowledge and skills as a successful coach lead to respect with your colleagues, clients, family and friends.

You Can Work When And Where You Want An image and etiquette consultant does not need an expensive office or retail location. You can run a home based office and work with your clients in their homes or offices. A consultant does not have to work any set schedule. You can work as little or as much as you wish. The greater your effort and commitment, the greater your success and financial compensation.

You Can Experience a Glamorous and Rewarding Career As a Certified Image and Etiquette consultant you will coach your clients on building great wardrobes, present their best image, improve their manners, communication skills and presence. I have worked at the Pentagon, with Presidents of companies world-wide, Royalty in the Middle and Far East and on over 100 cruise ships. I also worked with Destiny’s Child, famous professional athletes, politicians, diplomats and Heads of State.

Your Age, Race or Gender is not a Barrier to Your Success You can become a successful coach anywhere in the world. Graduates of my Certified Image and Etiquette Training programs are from Abu Dhabi, Canada, Dubai, Egypt, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Italy, Korea, Moscow, Nigeria, Singapore, South Africa, South America, Spain and the United States. Small town or big city, it does not matter. The key is to position yourself as the expert of choice and make it easy for people to find you and to hire you. Thanks to internet marketing, my business has grown to over a million dollars a year. 

You Can Have the Job Security of a Self-employed Professional You can take charge of your future and your income. People all over the world need manners, civility, a great image and style. 

You Will Have Clients Seek You Out and Book Appointments With You Marketing yourself and your services has never been easier. People buy from those they know, like and trust. You can become the expert of choice and people will refer you to their friends and colleagues.

There are No Limits to Your Success Take the brakes off and work and promote yourself and your business. My clients select me on my credentials, experience and my web site. My role as the Global Image, Etiquette and Communication Coach is to guide and mentor you to attain the success you deserve.

More on Your Financial Compensation in This Exciting and Lucrative Industry You can earn a great living by doing individual coaching sessions, group sessions, teaching evening classes at the local collages, doing seminars in companies, writing articles and books, appearing on television and radio shows as the expert.

Avenues of Income and Profit Margins Here is the link to the avenues of income and profit margins as  new consultant in this exciting and lucrative business: 

Upcoming International Certification Training Datesclick on the links below to register*
In-Person Training Locations: United States, Dubai, Toronto and Vancouver or Virtual Training

All Image and Etiquette Certification Training programs are priced in US currency. Investment: $8500. for each of the five day Certification Training programs.
If you wish to become an image and etiquette coach/consultant, the ten days of training is $16000. representing a savings of $1000. Training supplies, power point presentations, e-books by Ms. Starr, DVDs and MP3s are included PLUS 1 month of mentoring by Lady Gloria Starr.

Immediately upon receiving your deposit Ms. Gloria Starr will email you with some of the training materials so you can begin the learning curve prior to your Certification Training attendance.

Five day Executive Presence, Image and Style Certification training $9500. 
Full payment option of $9500.
To make your deposit of $3500.
To make the balance of payment of $6000.

Five day Etiquette, Manners and the Social Graces Certification $9500.
Full payment option of $9500
To make your deposit of $3500.
To make the balance of payment of $6000.

Ten day Executive Presence, Image and Style, Etiquette, Manners and the Social Graces Certification Program $18,000.  This represents a savings of $1000. by registering for the Image and the Etiquette Certification Training.
Payment Options
Full payment option for the ten days Image and Etiquette Certification $18,000. US dollars, a savings of $1000.
To make your deposit of $7000. to attend the ten day Image and Style and the Etiquette and Manners Certification
The balance of the Certification Training fees are due 30 days prior to the training. Immediately upon receiving your deposit, I will begin emailing you the training materials.

Testimonials from Recent Graduates
“I must say it out loud that today was the best day of my life.  I have never experienced such a positive change in a very long time… You are very unconventional in your training methods unlike other organizations who treat business as business but here you are mentoring as your very own!
I have never known anyone like you who goes that extra mile to support and care! I’m just at a loss of words to express enough as to how grateful I am to have you to train me to become one of the finest consultant in the near future. Thanking you for everything.” Reema V. 2017 graduate

“Dear Gloria, May I start by thanking you for a wonderful and life changing week of training, for your generosity in sharing your expertise and for being you, whom I simply adore. It is not very often that I meet someone who really inspires me with every word and every movement. Any student of yours who implements even half of what you taught will be a great success. Knowledge and good values are the quickest and safest path to success. Your Image and Etiquette Certification training encapsulates all of the strategies that are required to excel as an image and etiquette consultant and to present one’s self at his or her best. In this life changing training, I learned how to achieve maximum effectiveness and to aim for excellence in all aspects of my life. 

From the moment I registered for your training, my learning started. Your knowledge, integrity and determination to make every student their professional best was like a life force that brought out all of the good in me and challenged me to grow out of my old self and become the person I was destined to be. Thank you for showing me how to bring forth my best, for giving me so much more than I expected and for just being you – beautiful, excellent and a great coach and the leader in your industry!” MonaLisa

I have taken many classes, driven many miles, and spent thousands of dollars before I met and trained with Ms. Gloria Starr. In the time I spent with her she out of all the others poured out her 25+ years of this business into my heart and head the skills I needed to do the business. She not only taught and educated me on how to do the business but how to run a successful business. She truly teaches full out and full circle. It’s not enough to know your material (which is crucial) because knowledge is powerful you must know how to market yourself, your business, and this opportunity. Thank you Ms. Gloria you truly are the expert. Kenya Dennis (2011 Graduate) 

Ms. Starr, your personality is beautiful and enviable. Your teaching style is magnificent as you are totally committed to surpassing your clients expectations. You shared your acquired knowledge and experiences in your 20 + years with me during my Certification Training. I applaud your attention to detail, openness and willingness to help your consultants and clients become their absolute best. Thank you Ms. Starr for being such a graceful lady and fantastic teacher.” Enigbe Solabomi

“I was impressed by your determination, endurance and your courage to succeed from a small town girl to a global mogul. Your knowledge, experience, professionalism and international acclaim says it all. I have learned so much from you. Your teachings are always expressed from the heart with enthusiasm and love. Thank you for sharing your expertise, your life and your love for what you do. You are a gift.” Rosemary Gabledon

“I want to say a mighty “THANK YOU” to you for being a wonderful mentor. You did not just give me the knowledge but you showed me how to succeed in the business. I am truly living the life of my dreams.” C Noela

Register Now with your deposit directly to my USA bank account or PayPal and then email Lady Gloria Starr to discuss your training plans.

Gloria Starr International Company Policy: No refunds due to intellectual property however, the dates of training may be changed if agreeable to both parties. Training deposits/funds must be used within one year or will be forfeited if you postpone your attendance.

Gloria Starr serving clients globally in Africa, Australia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Canada, China, Dubai, Egypt, Europe, France, India, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Malaysia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South America, Thailand, UK, United States since 1983. Clients in Abuja, Alexandria, Atlanta, Beijing, Boca Raton, Birmingham, Cairo, Cape Town, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Doha, Edmonton, Ft. Lauderdale, Ft. Worth, Greensville, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Honolulu, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Johannesburg, Lagos, Los Angeles, Los Vegas, Miami, Melbourne, Mumbai, Newport Beach, New York, Oakland, Orlando, Osaka, Palm Beach, Phoenix, Portland,  Rio, Riyadh, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, Scottsdale, Shanghai, Sri Lanka, Sydney, Toronto, UAE, Vancouver, Virginia Beach, Wilmington