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SELLING TO A WOMAN by Global Business Coach, Gloria Starr

Did you know that the majority of the wealth in the United States is controlled by women over the age of 65? These women buy cars, trucks, SUV’s and mini-vans. Women as purchasers, professionally and privately are responsible for more than half of all spending in the US economy. 

Here are some figures regarding the buying power of consumers in the 50 plus market:
79% own their own homes. There are 40 million credit card users among them. They buy 41% of the new cars and 48% of all luxury cars

If a group controls the vast majority of wealth and discretionary income then…. it is the market. Did you know that women hate to buy cars? Women feel that they will be taken advantage of when purchasing a vehicle. Can you identify a Farragamo handbag? Can you recognize a Gucci shoe? Can you identify the price point of the clothing she is wearing? 

Why would you even want to know this information? Subtle and not so subtle clues are given out with everything she does, says and wears. If you misread the clues you will not make the sale.

Losing one sale may not adversely affect your career, but is it really one sale? How many friends and acquaintances will she tell about her good, exceptional or dreadful experience?

This program is designed to teach you how to “Sell to a Woman.” The key components of this dynamic training and coaching program are listed here. Of course we will tailor the program to your location in North America. Yes, it’s true. There are different buying styles, dressing styles and nuisances in body language depending on the country and the culture.

Selling to a Woman

Create a Fabulous First Impression
The New Dress for Success Guidelines 
Masterful Introductions
Addressing the Potential Client 
The Art of the Business Card Exchange 
Body Language/Mannerisms to Increase the Trust Factor
NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) for Greater Success 
The Power of Persuasion 
Artful Communications 
Identify her Wealth Factor
Read her Body Language 
Learn to Read the “buying signs” of a Woman
Identify her Personal Buying Style
Change Your Selling Style to Match her Buying Style 
What’s Wong with the “next-up” Methodology
Selling Games that no Longer Work
Getting to Yes 
Signing the Contract
Strategies for Future Sales
Strategies for Referrals – the Life Blood of your Business

So, I throw out the challenge to you. Do you really know how to sell to a woman? Would you like to masterfully sell to a woman? Then this program is for you!

The Selling to a Woman program is available in a half or full day program. Additional coaching with each member of the sales team for their personal best presentation and selling strategies will strengthen the learning curve. 

One-on-one training for a full day is an investment of $3000. *Ms. Gloria Starr will prepare an invoice and you can make your payment to her Direct US Bank Account or PayPal* 

To bring this program to your company, email to discuss details and dates.

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