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Starr Transformational Laser Coaching

We are living in a Challenging time with an uncertain future. I am here to throw out a Life Line to you with my one-on-one Transformational Laser Coaching – personal and professional break-throughs.
Now is a Great Time to get breakthrough results and claim your best personal and professional life. The Laser Transformational Coaching Opportunity will open the Doors to Greater Success with a modest investment that will make you smile….


If you’d like some expert advice and results from Gloria Starr, a seasoned Professional Coach of 3 decades, I’ve got great news! Announcing UNLIMITED  Starr Transformational Coaching for one full year. For less than $84. a month you can get a full year of UNLIMITED Transformational Laser Coaching sessions with me.

Read that last line again. You can have as many coaching sessions with me as you like for a full year for less than $84. a month for an entire year.
Your first call is 30 minutes to make sure the coaching is perfect for you and we will agree on a custom plan to take you to your Next Level of Greatness. At the end of our first 30 minute call and each 15 minute call thereafter, we will agree on “homework” that will move you forward and keep you accountable.

Here is how the Starr Transformational Laser Coaching works:
1.To enroll in the Starr Transformational Coaching *Ms. Gloria Starr will prepare an invoice and you can make your payment to her Direct US Bank Account or PayPal*
2. You will receive an email from me with a link to my calendar so you can schedule your first coaching session. Yes, you can record the coaching sessions on Zoom.
3. We will confirm your homework during the call. You can schedule your next 15 minute Starr Laser Transformational Coaching call after you complete your homework.
Example, have your coaching session on a Tuesday, do your homework right after the call and you can schedule your next call at your earliest convenience. Truly Unlimited Coaching for an entire year!
If you get stuck or need clarity on the homework or need support between calls, I’m just an email away.
 To enroll in the one year, Starr Transformational Laser Coaching. *Ms. Gloria Starr will prepare an invoice and you can make your payment to her Direct US Bank Account or PayPal*

GUARANTEE: If, during our first 30-minute call, either of us feels like this is not a perfect solution to help you get Results, I will refund your money immediately. No Risk!

Testimonials / Words of Praise from Clients:
“Gloria is a motivator with an eye that sees business opportunities that need to mesh together to increase your visibility. She helped me shed some unproductive approaches and grow my business through brand extensions. Gloria teaches you people skills, corporate perceptions, personal and business diplomacy strategies and a multitude of graceful skills.” Rose Lee Archer – Rose Lee Archer Show

Accolades: “Gloria, your knowledge surpasses others and demonstrates unprecedented professionalism in every training and coaching program. You outperform your competitors through your brilliance, wisdom and integrity and you are one of the few that can truly be called a “Gurus” in your industry.” Roz Usheroff

Testimonial: “Our first session today was an eye opening session for me. I received valuable insights and I already feel more empowered. I realized that I have a lot to learn and a lot to improve. With you by my side as my Mentor, I am very confident of my brilliant future. Thank you for your time, knowledge shared and feedback.” J Kaur

Amazing Results: “Gloria Starr is the pre-eminent coaching authority on Executive Presence, Business Etiquette, Social Graces, Communication Skills and Leadership. She has the capacity to provide executives and professionals with cutting-edge insights and suggestions. Her stature transcends this country and she is known world-wide for her expertise.” Dr. Alan Weiss

Space is limited and I am committed to working with people that want to reach their full potential. Let’s start today and change your Life when you Invest in Yourself with the Starr Transformational Laser Coaching.
To enroll in the Starr Laser Transformational Coaching for one full year with unlimited sessions!
*Ms. Gloria Starr will prepare an invoice and you can make your payment to her Direct US Bank Account or PayPal*

Your Partner-in-Success,
Lady Gloria Starr, Trusted Advisor
Global Transformational Corporate Trainer – Executive Coach
Recipient of the Einstein Award of Global Excellence
Certified Knowledge Broker, Master NLP Practitioner
People Profiler, Author of 12 Books
Ranked in the Top 2% of International Consultants