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The Modern Day Teens Finishing School
In-person or Virtual Training
small group or one-on-one coaching

Gloria Starr, transformational coach and global authority in Image, Etiquette, Manners, Confidence and Communication Skills welcomes teens to participate in the Modern Day Personality, Character Development Finishing School. The Modern Day Finishing School for Teens is a small group session, two days in duration and hands-on learning creating a life changing experience for each participant.

Key Training Components of the Modern Day Finishing School / Personality, Character Development for Teens

Here’s Looking at You

What your image really says about you, dressing for the “in” look, wardrobe basics and beyond, personal style-young adult style, accessories that spell acceptance, school and casually smart dressing guidelines. How to select age-appropriate clothes and discover the ideal colors in cosmetics for you, plus the best hair style for you!

First Impressions-Lasting Impressions
Poise, polish, presence and posture, personality development and charm

Sure Fire Confidence Builders
Don’t “dumb down” to your friends, showing respect for others and develop leadership qualities. The event also includes lessons on walking and sitting gracefully, voice tonality and projection, appropriate eye contact, speaking and listening skills. How to introduce yourself, make friends easily and create interactive conversations.

It’s All About You or Is It?
Your contribution as a family member and how to interact with parents and teachers more effectively.

Good Manners Begin at Home
Respect and common courtesy, helping with household chores and responsibilities as a young adult.

Eat and Dine for Acceptance
Table manners and social graces, ordering from the menu, dining etiquette – the basics and beyond, how to set and clear a table, how to eat difficult foods, dining tutorial lessons for a sit-down meal and a buffet

Respect is Earned
How to add value to the family dynamics, leadership skills and household harmony

Communication Skills
What your body language really says about you, conversation mastery, introductions, gift giving and receiving, saying thank you with style and meet and greet skills. 

Can You Hear Me Now?
Email, instant chat, FB Messenger, WhatsApp, messaging and cell / smart phone etiquette for savvy teens.

Teens Finishing School Saturday and Sunday weekend events at the Starr Transformational Retreat Center. This training event includes lunch on Saturday and Sunday. Work books and training materials are included.

Armed with these winning strategies, graduates of the Modern Day Finishing School for Teens / Personality, Character Development for Teens will gain the knowledge to consistently present themselves at their personal best.

Graduation Ceremony The parents / grandparents are invited to join us on Sunday for tea/coffee at the conclusion of the day. This two day Modern Day Finishing School and Personality, Character Development for Teens can be hosted in major cities throughout the world.

The investment for the Modern Day Teens Finishing School and Personality, Character Development is $4000. and includes two dining tutorial lunches, refreshment breaks, Sunday buffet, educational MP3s, workbook, hands-on learning and the graduation ceremony.

Registration details:
Teens Finishing School deposit of $1500.
Balance of payment due 20 days prior to the weekend training event. $2500.
Teens Finishing School full payment of $4000. -list my travel expenses if I travel to your location.

*Ms. Gloria Starr will prepare an invoice and you can make your payment to her Direct US Bank Account or PayPal*

This life changing Modern Day Finishing School and Personality Development training event for teens can be conducted in any city around the world. Ideal number of participants is five to ten teenagers. Contact Gloria Starr at  to bring this two day training event to your city.
*One-on-one coaching for your teenager is also available in person or via Zoom or Skype*


Gloria Starr International Cancellation Policy: No refunds however the funds may be used for an upcoming Finishing School. All content on this web site is Service Marked.
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